Mission & Vision

A health insight can be realization that new biomedical knowledge can improve the care of an individual patient. Or a health insight can be recognition of the subtle effect a variation in clinical process has on patient outcomes in large populations.

We apply technology-based innovations to promote the entire spectrum of health insights, from the personal to the population. Accelerating both discovery and implementation will contribute to improve outcomes at all levels.

Our strategy begins by offering research informatics capabilities to the community of clinical researchers at UMKC and other stakeholders. The Center for Health Insights (CHI) then works to innovate in novel approaches to clinical decision support and improve the accessibility of public data sources.


The UMKC Center for Health Insights enables the generation and implementation of new biomedical insights.

Our Vision

The Center for Health Insights will accomplish our mission by:
  • Developing and delivering informatics capabilities that accelerate research
  • Creating resources (software, data and services) that facilitate the appropriate utilization of new knowledge in clinical practice
  • Contributing to the scholarly process through publication, presentation and community outreach
  • Building data intensive systems that promote awareness of community and environmental factors that affect individual health
  • Educating clinicians and researchers in the selection and application of informatics resources appropriate for their work