Motion Capture

Motion capture (mocap) technology has been widely utilized to evaluate human performance in athletics. Mocap enhances the analysis of skills development by providing a detailed positional and temporal data set to use for quantitative analysis, as well as multiple novel options for qualitative assessments. The UMKC Center for Health Insights (CHI) has developed a portable 18 camera motion analysis platform to assess clinical behaviors and development in simulation settings for subjective and biomechanical analysis.

This video shows two clinicians performing a simulated intubation.  The system allows a procedure to be viewed from a nearly infinite number of perspectives, here we show the patient perspective looking up, a top down perspective and a profile.

The benefits of our system are:IMG_1118

  • 18 cameras allows capture of up to 3 individuals in a session
  • Our system is portable and can be set up in 90 minutes

Our interdisciplinary team includes experts in informatics, clinical simulation, biomechanics and 3D visualization from both UMKC and the University of Missouri – Columbia. We are currently completing a pilot project funded by theIMG_1200 University of Missouri System, “Informatics and architectural analysis of human performance in a clinical simulation setting”, Mark Hoffman, Ph.D. UMKC School of Medicine – PI, co-investigators are Greg King, Ph.D. – UMKC School of Computing and Engineering and Bimal Balakrishna, Ph.D., University of Missouri Dept. of Architectural Studies.

Through this work we have developed a library of procedural animations that can form the basis for novel training resources and further analysis.

Contact us – chi (at) to explore opportunities for collaboration !